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Creative Work

The Care Revolution: The transformation of Home Health Care in Oregon (2018)


Producer, co-director and editor.


This documentary is grounded in extensive archival interviews and traces the history of home health care organizing. It explains how union representation has transformed the lives of caregivers and the populations they serve, as well as highlighting the ways workers have found "voice and purpose" through community and political engagement.

Shoulder to Shoulder: 40 years of LERC (2017)


Producer, camera operator and editor.


This is a short video produced to highlight the history and future of the Labor Education and Research Center at the University of Oregon. Through the voices of faculty, staff, students and other stakeholders, the video addresses the center's role in supporting a strong union and working-class movement in Oregon.

Sad Happiness: Cinthya's Transborder Journey (2015)


Producer, camera operator and editor.


This ethnographic film explores the differential rights that U.S. citizen children and their undocumented parents have through the story of one extended Zapotec family. Thought the eyes of an eleven-year old young girl named Cynthia, this story illuminates the desires and struggles of the millions of families divided between the U.S. and Mexico (as well as other countries), where children are mobile citizens and parents cannot leave. This film is in English, Spanish and Zapotec, and with English subtitles.

Agents of Change: A legacy of feminist research, teaching, and activism at the University of Oregon (2013)

Co-producer, camera operator and editor.

This socio-historical film addresses the challenges women faculty across the nation faced in their efforts to draw attention to women’s histories, issues, and concerns. The voices and stories heard in this documentary are thus exemplary of the struggles of women to gain ground in the academy, struggles that in the case of UO were supported by a remarkable act of philanthropy that led to the founding of what is now known as the UO Center for the Study of Women in Society.


Latino Roots in Oregon


Co-Producer and editor.

This is a clip of the full-lenght socio-historical documentary film that illustrates the histories and stories of Latinos living in Oregon. This clip, looks specifically at the second-wave of Latino immigrants, namely, the stories of immigrants who arrived to the United States as a result of the implementation of the Bracero Program.

Rohingya Refugees: The forgotten people of Burma (2009)

Director, producer, camera operator and editor.


This short film was produced to highlight the plight of Rohingya refugees living in Bangadeshi makeshift camps. It focuses on the stories of current and former refugees who tell about living as a refugee. This project was possible with the collaboration of Oxfam, Doctors without Borders, UN Bangladesh, and LIRS (Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services.

Weaving the Life of Guatemala


Executive producer and co-editor.


The production of this video is part of a media and community service project that aimed at developing a video to help with the goals of the Guatemaland NGO called: Trama Textiles (weaving cooperative). This was a collaborative project where the women of the cooperative where engaged in various levels of production and post-production.

Working Hands

Director, producer, writer, and editor.


A social-political documentary short sheds light on the state of farmworkers living across California's Central Valley. It highlights how farm workers, often undocummented, have been and continue to be a neglected part of American politics and society.

Strenght begins with the Members

Director and producer.



This member-driven video presents the perspectives of Teamster union workers who reflect on the significance of labor organizing and unionism in their personal and professional lives.

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